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Amtrek Northeast Corridor Improvement Project
Amtrek has reached the end of a massive five-year mission to upgrade service between New York and Boston. The project included the replacement of track and signals and the design of a new breed of super train, dubbed Crashela.
Until now, train travel north of New York was slow compared to all other modes of transport, as this archive photo clearly shows. Our Northeast Corridor Improvement Project should remedy this. Crashela trains are expected to gain significant market share from bicycles in the Boston-New York market. Project planners considered several innovative methods of propulsion for the corridor upgrade. They eventually settled on using more conventional electric locomotives and an overhead wire system.

A reporter and some livestock look on as a Crashela trainset undergoes early testing in Colorado. Overhead electric wire was not installed at the test track, so an old steam locomotive stood in for the Crashela power car. A typical load of passengers was simulated by three flat cars loaded with donkey manure. Early studies of the Crashela wheels showed extremely rapid tread wear. This photo shows a small part of the storage facility for worn-out Crashela wheels. These wheels were all removed from just one of the test cars over a five-day period.

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